Unique Time on a Mission to Appreciate Frontliners in Singapore and Beyond

After many months of restricted social interaction, Singaporeans have much to rejoice in the month of November. With the recent announcements on dining out and opening of more VTL destinations, it seems that we are finally inching towards a ‘normal’ lifestyle.

While we immerse in the excitement of reconnecting with our loved ones over a nice meal, or resume planning for the long-awaited vacation, let’s not forget that a dedicated group of people are still working tirelessly to serve our communities – especially frontliners in the healthcare and public transport sectors.

At Unique Time, we believe that every individual deserves to lead a vibrant and fulfilling life, and the key ingredient is good health.

We previously collaborated with Fridge Restock Community SG (FRC) to distribute 1,000 free boxes of Rejuvenate Antioxidant Infused Shot door-to-door to residents in various neighbourhoods. This time round, we would like to show our appreciation for some of our frontliners who have been overwhelmed by the pandemic – especially the medical staff.

With the evolving COVID-19 situation, our healthcare workers have been working tirelessly to provide care for the community. To appreciate their hard work, we distributed over 4,000 boxes of Rejuvenate to the staff at the National University Hospital (NUH).

Another group of unsung heroes is none other than our bus captains and crew. In the past months, over 100 bus captains were tested Covid-19 positive, which resulted in a strain on the bus services. It is through such adversity that we learnt not to take our bus captains and services for granted. As a token of our appreciation, we distributed 6,800 boxes of Rejuvenate to the staff at SBS Transit.

Seeing their happy and surprised faces when receiving our items certainly made our day!



Photo of SBS staff receiving a free box of Rejuvenate


Not only have we been actively reaching out to frontliners in Singapore, we have also initiated similar community engagement activities in the region including China where we distributed over 1,200 boxes of Rejuvenate to Sichuan Hospital.


Photo of NUH staff receiving a box of Rejuvenate


With the positive responses we have received, we are extremely empowered to continue our community outreach programmes on a regular basis. However, we do not want to do it alone. Together, we can create a bigger impact. We welcome any company, social enterprise, or community group to reach out via Instagram or Facebook and explore how we can join forces to give back to our communities.

Alternatively, if you are a leader who is thinking of showing appreciation to your employees, nothing is better than a gift that improves their well being! Talk to us directly for exclusive corporate discounts on some of our best health products to reward your employees.

Let’s show appreciation for everyone who has made a positive difference to our lives before the year closes!


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