Stop Feeling Tired. Boost Your Energy With Rejuvenate Immunity Booster Shot

Rejuvenate yourself with immune system booster shots

“I’m so tired…” How often do you use this expression, or hear it from someone else?

Fatigue has become an inseparable feeling of our busy lifestyle. Excessive sleepiness, restlessness, slowed responses and sore muscles are some of the common signs that your body is truly tired.

If you have been desperately relying on a daily dosage of caffeine to stay awake, struggling to maintain your energetic self throughout the day OR experiencing a slow recovery from your fitness regime, Unique Time – Rejuvenate, Antioxidant Infused Shot is for you.

Within two months of launch, Rejuvenate immune system booster vitamins have received an overwhelming response from new and existing customers of its effectiveness in boosting their energy levels.

The Science Behind Rejuvenate’s Energy-Boosting Properties

It is no coincidence that this healthy beverage is validated for its energy-boosting effects. Extracted from the world’s seven finest berries, Rejuvenate immunity booster shot is a 100% natural fruit-based beverage loaded with powerful antioxidants. Many people know about the benefits of antioxidant supplements on immunity and aging by protecting the body against free radicals, in fact, it also helps to delay fatigue during a prolonged period of exercise [1].

During exercise, the body burns calories and releases more free radicals in the process. Elevated oxidative stress as a result of increased free radicals during high-intensity exercise suppresses the respiratory process, causing our body to be less efficient in producing energy. The supplementation of antioxidants helps to reduce oxidative stress and improves our ability to produce energy – in other words, delay body fatigue!

A scientific study has shown antioxidants to exert a positive effect on delaying fatigue by 21% during exhaustive exercise in humans [2]. While more research needs to be conducted for more conclusive findings, it is believed that antioxidants provide protection for muscular components and facilitate better energy production in the body.

However, the effectiveness of antioxidant supplements on physical performance may be influenced by fitness level. Research has found that exercise stimulates the expression of antioxidant enzymes, hence trained individuals tend to have a greater antioxidant capacity than an average individual and are less likely to experience a significant effect of antioxidant supplementation.

Why Rejuvenate Immunity Booster Shots?

Do you know that one sachet (32ml) of Rejuvenate immunity booster shot meets your daily recommended intake of antioxidants, equivalent to 1kg of strawberries? If this is not a compelling enough reason for you to rejuvenate, let’s look at some of the most common ways for boosting energy.

  • Coffee – The Working Adult’s Favorite

More than 3 in 5 Singaporeans drink coffee regularly, as part of a morning ritual to kick off a productive day. A well-known fact to many, coffee contains caffeine which is an effective stimulant to improve mental alertness and physical stamina (in other words, prevent you from dozing off). While drinking a moderate amount of coffee is beneficial, it is easy for you to exceed the desired threshold and experience side effects, including troubled sleep, gastric distress and enhanced fatigue on days without coffee.

If you find your coffee intake getting out of balance or simply do not like coffee, Rejuvenate immunity booster shot is an ideal beverage for you to boost energy naturally. You can consume anytime throughout the day without having to worry about losing sleep at night.

  • Energy Bar – The Fitness Enthusiast’s Must-Have

Energy bars are probably top on the list for many fitness enthusiasts, as a healthy snack or convenient meal replacement. While energy bars made from wholegrains (like oats) and natural protein (like soy milk) are indeed healthy post-workout snacks, the danger lies in choosing the right option. Many energy bars are masked under the disguise of ‘health food’ even though they contain mostly refined sugar and processed fruits. It is important to choose the right bar by reading the label and nutritional information carefully.

Rejuvenate, on the other hand, is an all-natural fruit-based immunity booster beverage in Singapore that is made from whole fruits. At only 10 calories per sachet, you can enjoy it as a healthy and tasty snack without worrying about your sugar level or waistline.

  • Banana – Excellent Workout Snack

Bananas are rich in complex carbohydrates and potassium, making them an important snack option for exercise performance and muscle growth. Surprisingly, pomegranate packs 3 times more potassium content than a banana. Rejuvenate immunity booster shot contains 7 antioxidant-rich fruits, including pomegranate. So the next time when you are going out for a run (or if banana is not your kind of fruit), consider packing a sachet of Rejuvenate with you if there is no banana at home.

Different options work well for different individuals. Whether you are a coffee lover or a health food fan, understanding what your body needs and consuming the right food in the right amount matters most. Choosing natural products to boost your energy, in addition to a balanced diet and good quality rest, is always desirable.


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