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Empower the Health of Singaporeans and Reduce Food Waste, an Initiative by Unique Time and Fridge Restock Community SG

The past one and a half years had been incredibly challenging for many Singaporeans financially, physically and emotionally. In particular for the less privileged communities whose livelihoods were severely affected, they struggled to get by in their daily lives – much less their ability to access health food to boost their immunity.

Unique Time started with a simple yet purposeful mission – we seek to promote good health and enable every individual to lead a vibrant and fulfilling life. We strive to rejuvenate individuals from all walks of life by delivering a range of high quality health products. In these trying times, we were reaffirmed once again of the importance of empowering the health of our communities – without leaving anyone behind.

As part of our commitment to give back to society, we embarked on a quest to find like-minded partners who share a similar social mission. We came across Fridge Restock Community SG (FRC) and were inspired by what they had been doing for the communities. By rescuing excess vegetables and fruits to restock community fridges around Singapore, they help less privileged families to access natural produce and reduce food waste.

The basis of a vibrant and fulfilling life is good health, and every individual deserves to live healthily. We decided to come together and distribute one month’s supply of our immunity-boosting Rejuvenate Antioxidant Infused Shot to households in older neighborhoods where FRC were supporting.

unique time

Photo of boxes of Rejuvenate, and our Unique Time staff in action


In preparation of our distribution, a volunteer from FRC specially took time to collect 1,000 boxes of Rejuvenate. Together with the dedicated team of FRC volunteers, we started distributing free boxes of Rejuvenate to residents door-to-door on 17 September.

residents receiving residents receiving

Photos of residents receiving a free box of Rejuvenate


Through this experience, it was heart-warming seeing how the volunteers would have to balance between personal commitments and community distribution but still distributed the products with a smile and eagerness to improve the lives of others. To show our appreciation to the dedicated FRC volunteers, each of the volunteers were also given a box to boost their immunities as well. It is important for us to appreciate these unsung heroes who strive to make our neighborhoods a better place.

FRC foundersCandid photo of FRC Founder Daniel Yap and a volunteer, after a long day of rescue mission


Till date, the FRC team has collected over 100 tonnes of excess produce and delivered to community fridges across different locations in Singapore. As they continue to rescue more excess produce and benefit more residents, your support can truly make a difference.

Here are some ways that you can empower them to help those in need:


This is the first time, but certainly not the last, that our team at Unique Time is involved in a community initiative. Non-profit organisations or volunteer groups looking to gift those in need are welcome to approach Unique Time via Instagram or Facebook for product sponsorship.

As we approach the festive season, it is worthwhile to show our appreciation for loved ones who have worked hard in this trying time. Companies can get in touch with Unique Time directly for special corporate discounts on health supplements to reward their employees.

Let’s help to make Singapore a more inclusive and appreciative community for everyone!

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