How To Protect You And Your Family From The Flu Season In Singapore

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How To Protect You And Your Family From The Flu Season In Singapore

2021 has seen many developments, but what has not changed is that the threat of flu season still looms upon us. In Singapore, influenza viruses are the most prevalent during the middle and year-end periods [1].

Most people will associate influenza, commonly known as the “flu” with minor symptoms like runny nose, fever, and cough. However, what they may not know is that influenza is a serious and contagious infection that can greatly affect their health.

Each year, Singapore’s annual seasonal influenza epidemics result in more than 520,000 outpatient visits, approximately 1,500 hospitalisations, 600 deaths, and 315,000 workdays lost, according to figures from the Ministry of Health (MOH) [2]. Even in otherwise healthy people, having the flu can lead to the onset of severe and life-threatening complications like sinus infections and pneumonia.

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation, guarding yourself against viruses and infections should be key to staying safe and sound. To prepare for the oncoming flu season this year, here are 4 important ways you can protect yourself and your family.

1. Getting A Flu Vaccination


flu vaccination shotFlu vaccinations provide good protection against influenza infection and its complications. They allow individuals to build up their immunity and increase their resistance to contagious viruses. As such, flu vaccinations are recommended for individuals at higher risks of developing complications from influenza.

This includes people aged 65 years and older, children aged 6 months to below 5 years, and women at all stages of pregnancy. If you have family members that fit these profiles, it is best to consider getting them vaccinated as soon as possible.

2. Washing Your Hands Frequently


wash your hands more often

When it comes to keeping yourself clean, hand washing should be the number one priority. Frequent and thorough hand washing helps to protect you and your family from germs. If soap and water are not available, consider using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser to get rid of lingering bacteria and viruses on your skin.

Here are some instances where you should always remember to wash your hands:

After going to the toilet
After blowing your nose
After coughing and sneezing into your hands
Before and after preparing food
Before and after eating

3. Avoiding Touching Your Face


avoid touching your face

Germs often spread when people touch their faces after coming into contact with contamination. The eyes, nose, and mouth are common orifices where bacteria and viruses can make their way inside the body.

Unless you have just washed your hands, it is vital to avoid touching your face. Take note that you should also turn yourself away from others and sneeze or cough into the inside of your elbow to prevent the spread of germs to the people around you.

4. Supplementing Yourself With Antioxidants


Drink anti-oxidant drinks

For those who wish to avoid injections, taking antioxidant supplements is a good way to fight damaging free radicals in the body and build up your resistance against common infections like the flu.

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