NEW IN – Premium Probiotics 10 Improves Your Gut Health

Poor digestion feels terrible. Constipation is painful. Worse, diarrhea ruins your entire day. Let’s put an end to all these recurring gastric nightmares. Wake up to a beautiful day with Premium Probiotics 10, the latest probiotic product launched by award-winning wellness brand Unique Time.

Unique Time specializes in producing premium health products extracted from the world’s natural finest ingredients. Following the commercial success of Rejuvenate, an antioxidant-rich beverage for boosting immunity, it has launched Premium Probiotics 10 to help people improve gut health.


What is Premium Probiotics 10?

Premium Probiotics 10 is an Australian probiotic product that contains 20 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) of 10 live DuPont HOWARU® probiotic strains, 4 prebiotics and green fibre extracted from 8 superfoods. Taking it regularly helps to improve your gut health and your overall well-being.

CFU is used as a unit of measurement for estimating the number of viable bacteria in a given sample, and a healthy individual is recommended to consume 10 to 40 billion CFUs of probiotics every day.


How is Premium Probiotics 10 Different from Other Probiotics?

Premium Probiotic 10 is one of the few probiotics in the market – especially Singapore – that contains both prebiotics and natural green fibre – scientifically proven to improve digestion.

Prebiotics are fibre substances found in fruits and vegetables that cannot be broken down by the human body. They serve as foods for probiotics, stimulating the good bacteria in our gut to grow and fight against the bad bacteria.

Validated by gold-standard clinical trials, this optimal symbiotic combination of prebiotics and probiotics in Premium Probiotics 10 guarantees full probiotic activity and stable efficacy on improving your gut health and alleviating gastrointestinal-related problems like constipation, diarrhea and indigestion.


How to Consume Premium Probiotics 10?

Each sachet of Premium Probiotics 10 comes in powdered form that you can mix with cold water or add into any of your drinks throughout the day. Do note that you should NOT mix with warm or hot water, as it will kill the live bacteria and diminish the effect it has on your digestive tract.


Why Do You Need Premium Probiotics 10?


Everyone should consume probiotics regularly to maintain good digestion, in particular sedentary working adults – who experience low energy, stress, or a lack of sleep – and picky eaters who avoid eating fruits and vegetables.

If you are currently affected by digestive problems like constipation and bloated stomach, all the more you should start taking probiotics. In fact, irregular bowel movement and excess gas are reasons that cause your belly to bloat, giving you a false alarm that you have gained weight. In these instances, a big belly is a likely indication of poor digestion. You can alleviate it by taking probiotics in addition to a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Furthermore, improving your gut health is much more than improving digestion. It affects many other aspects of your health including immunity, cognitive health and development of chronic illnesses: obesity and diabetes etc.

Take a daily sachet of Premium Probiotics 10 to kickstart your all-rounded wholesome life.

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